We are Globe Hope.
It's not just a name, but the idea of a better future that unites us. We are an uncompromising pioneer of responsible fashion.

"Hope" symbolises hope for the better. It is our shared dream of a better world. Realising this dream requires hard work, commitment and perseverance. We are ready to take up the challenge.

We believe there is still hope. At the same time, we know that just wishing is not enough. That's why we strive to offer better alternatives. We make products that show that sustainability is a choice everyone can make.

Our values are based on a strong respect for our planet and its precious natural resources. We believe that our role is to open the path to a brighter future. We are here to offer an alternative that does not require the use of new raw materials.

Nothing new since 2003.

Globe Hope was founded in 2003 based on the vision of Seija Lukkala. She believed that textile waste could find a new life in the cycle as timeless and sustainable design products, rather than being discarded. Since then, we have been committed to creating each of our products using existing materials, such as surplus fabrics or recycled materials.

This approach is our way of challenging the fashion industry and its prevailing norms. We want to be an example that sustainable and responsible fashion is possible. We use our creativity and innovation to make use of existing resources and reduce textile waste.

Each of our products tells a story and represents our values. We want to inspire people to make more sustainable choices and show that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.
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This is Globe Hope


Our global community is full of attractive options and quick economic gains. But we consciously choose the road less travelled, one that deeply respects both our beloved planet and its inhabitants. Our goal is to promote sustainable development and create a positive impact on society.


Everything we do is based on a deep respect for our planet and its precious natural resources. We consider it our duty to plan our way out of the challenging situation posed by humanity. Our goal is to promote sustainable development and create solutions that will help us repair and protect our environment.


We create timeless design products based on the circular economy - stylish design that comes from "waste". We transform surplus and discarded materials into aesthetic clothing and accessories that offer joy and satisfaction to every wearer.


We take full responsibility for everything we do. Accountability is neither easy nor light. We are committed to perseverance and persistence, and we will not take the easy way out.


We dream of a world where the circular economy is the norm in the fashion world. We strive to make a positive difference by offering better and more responsible alternatives that are accessible to all.


Our production processes and operations are always transparent, and anyone who wants to can follow them. We do not hide or conceal anything, not even our weaknesses.