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Corporate Gifts from Company Surplus Textiles

Does your company have surplus textiles such as workwear, advertising banners, promotional flags, or textiles abandoned due to brand renewal? Don't discard good material! We manufacture new products from companies' textile waste and surplus materials, such as bags, backpacks, toiletry bags, laptop sleeves, or pouches. If the material is in poor condition and unsuitable for reuse as it is, it can also be utilized in other ways as a component.


Work wear

According to a study by the Turku University of Applied Sciences, 17% of Finnish discarded textiles come from the public sector and companies. A significant proportion of these discarded textiles consists of workwear. Workwear is often discarded due to its deterioration, but its textile fibres can be recycled through Globe Hope's Zero Waste service .

If a useful workwear is discarded, for example due to a rebranding or other reason, it can be used as such in a remanufactured product. This means that the garment can be given a new life and a new purpose without the need for dismantling or separation of textile fibres. This approach promotes sustainable textile recycling and reduces the amount of textile waste. Globe Hope encourages such reuse of materials and offers alternatives for the recovery of discarded workwear.


Tickets and banners

Business marketing is often supported by promotional flyers and banners, which often have a short lifespan. Unfortunately, these materials often end up being incinerated after use, which increases waste and pollutes the environment. Globe Hope aims to provide more sustainable alternatives to such marketing materials. For example, advertising flyers and banners can be recycled or converted into new products, extending their life cycle and reducing material waste. This promotes the circular economy and environmental sustainability while providing unique and responsible marketing solutions.

Globe Hope is committed to using corporate banners and flags in the manufacture of recycled products. Thicker banner materials can work great in reusable bags or laptop sleeves, offering practical and sustainable alternatives.

Thinner flag fabrics, on the other hand, can be used to make, for example toiletry bags, backpacks and cloth bags, which are versatile and environmentally friendly alternatives. This allows companies to make creative use of discarded textiles and turn them into unique business gifts or image products, while reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


Business gifts from Globe Hope recycled materials

Don't you collect discarded textiles from your own business? No problem! Globe Hope makes customized business gifts using personalized recycled materials. We offer a wide range of popular materials such as seat belts, fair mats, surplus leather and other surplus materials. Using these materials, we can create unique and eco-friendly business gifts for your company. So don't worry, you can contribute to sustainability and make a responsible choice with Globe Hope!

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Rap band Gasellit promoting the circular economy

Gasellit, a popular rap band in Finland, released their new album ZEN, which went straight to number one in February. The release of the album was accompanied by a massive outdoor advertising campaign, including a huge banner on the wall of the Forum shopping centre. When the campaign ended, the band wanted to find a sustainable solution for the continued use of the fabric, rather than throwing it away. Gaselli contacted Globe Hope to explore the possibilities of recycling the banner. In collaboration, Globe Hope produced yoga mats and reusable cups from the banner material under the Gaselles x Globe Hope brand. This innovative and responsible solution gave the banner a new life and provided fans with unique and ecological products.

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