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Be a pioneer in sustainability and responsibility by recycling your company's waste textiles in a resource-efficient way and see tangible results

The Zero Waste service concept is a resource-efficient way for companies to recycle surplus textiles.

The Zero Waste concept is an easy way for companies and organisations to recycle textile waste. We manage the recycling process from start to finish according to the customer's needs, and provide the customer with a report on textile reuse.

The Zero Waste concept supports the corporate customer's ecological goals with little effort, with a reliable partner. As waste legislation becomes stricter, companies can safely entrust us with the recycling of their discarded textiles.

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Service description

The Zero Waste service package is tailored to the needs of each customer, and the possibilities offered by the quality and condition of the accumulated waste textiles. Together with the customer, we map out the possibilities of the service and implement it on a turnkey basis. Textile scraps can be used for corporate products, staff gifts, or torn into fibres as parts of other products.

Preliminary study

The preliminary study will provide a turnkey inventory of textile volumes and their life cycle.


Zero Waste takes care of all the sorting for you and the potential of recycling sites becomes a reality.


With recycling, the final environmental savings and energy efficiency data can be measured.


Zero Waste provides the customer with a comprehensive report and proof of responsible operations.

Resource-efficient recycling of discarded textiles through the Zero Waste service concept contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030


Globe Hope's Zero Waste service concept reuses existing materials, no new material needs to be produced and clean water is saved. One of our recycling channels is water purification equipment.


Our business is based on ecology, so saving energy is a matter of course for us. The energy we use is renewable energy certified by the Finnish Nature Conservation Union (EKOenergia). Energy is saved by not having to manufacture new materials.


Globe Hope strives for resource efficiency in all areas. Throughout our operations, we have made products from scrap, recycled and surplus materials and encouraged other companies to recycle materials. By saving materials, our operations have a positive climate impact compared to the use of virgin materials. We provide consumers with the products they want, produced responsibly.


Globe Hope's goal is to be climate neutral, so that our carbon handprint is at least the size of our carbon footprint by 2025. Our whole business is based on climate action, we are a pioneer and a trendsetter in this field.


From the start of our operations, we have chosen responsible partners who contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Globe Hope is a member of FIBS, the largest network of corporate responsibility pioneers and experts in the Nordic countries. We work with responsible manufacturers and material users.


Case: HKL recycled its waste textiles responsibly with the Zero Waste concept

Carbon dioxide emission savings 55 938kg CO2

Water consumption savings 2 469 527 l

See HKL's Zero Waste report

Case: Neles recycled discarded textiles from the brand renewal in a resource-efficient way

The Neles rebranding resulted in the creation of discarded textiles, of which 190kg were given to Neles staff and the remaining 305kg were recycled in a resource-efficient way through our Zero Waste service concept.

Carbon savings of 7462 kg CO2

Water consumption savings 669 800 l

See the Neles report

About us

Globe Hope

Globe Hope is a Finnish company founded in 2003 with the values of Ethics, Ecology and Aesthetics, Responsibility, Impact and Openness.

Globe Hope's founder Seija Lukkala invented the idea of reusing and processing discarded materials into design products at the beginning of the millennium. The idea started the story of Globe Hope. Sustainable values and responsible business practices are still present in everything we do today.

We believe that textile waste can become a timeless and sustainable design product. We create every product we manufacture using only existing materials: surplus, waste or recycled. This is our way of challenging the fashion and textile industry and its norms.

From discarded textiles to recycled products since 2003

In 2003 we started using textiles from institutions such as the armed forces and hospitals in our design products for consumers.

FromSince 2005 we started working with companies to produce image and corporate products from their own waste textiles.

In 2018 we developed the Zero Waste service concept for companies, recycling all their waste textiles for maximum resource efficiency.

In 2021 we have developed the Zero Waste concept into a comprehensive partnership. Our network now includes several end points for the recycling of discarded textiles.


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Since 2017, we have been developing a comprehensive Zero Waste concept for businesses. Put your company at the forefront of responsible waste management. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of Zero Waste!
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